On November 4th
20 leading economic media published on the same day 50 business solutions for cities and the climate

Discover the publication Toward Sustainable Cities, which brings together the world's leading economic media and global experts from the public and private sector
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50 innovative business solutions for tackling climate issues
20 economic newspapers to share these stories on November 4th
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Latest news

Toward Sustainable Cities – Solutions&Co 2nd edition!
nov 3, 2016

Solutions&Co brings together leading economic media, entrepreneurs and the corporate world to strengthen the impact of innovative solutions to climate change. On November 4th, 20 leading economic media will publish 50 business innovations for Sustainable Cities

Reprogramming Urban Space
déc 1, 2016

Cities represent 54% of the global population, a number that is expected to reach 66% by 2050, and they account for 70% of greenhouse gas emissions. But solutions to reduce their environmental footprint exist, and many where featured in Solutions&Co, a media operation where 20 of the world’s leading economic media published articles on concrete […]

Solutions&Co online – Be part of the movement!
nov 3, 2016

For this edition, an interactive platform will allow readers to get an overview of the issues and existing solutions for making our cities sustainable.

By 2050, 66% of the world’s population will live in cities: what concrete solutions can be implemented to meet urban climate challenges
nov 3, 2016

Cities are at the center of climate change. They already represent 54% of the global population and 70% of greenhouse gas emissions. In 2050, the world’s urban population will reach 66%. Yet cities also serve as hubs for business, innovation and strategies for resilience, capable of reinventing our modes of production, consumption and distribution, and […]

Toward Sustainable Cities: the E-Book
nov 2, 2016

This publication represents an original approach to collaboration as, for the first time, the world’s leading economic media and global experts from the public and private sector have come together to present the most promising innovations dealing with sustainable cities, and to illustrate the ways in which stakeholders can better work together to reach this goal.

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